RS3 series Suspension Kit

IASATI × RS3 Shock Absorber|High-ranking Sporty Type

IASATI's shock absorbers focus on user's driving sense, not only improve your driving controlling (supportive) but also not keep the confer comfort. Based on our R&D team long-term experience. We developed four series of shock absorbers. Depends on the user's demand, we have basis upgrade type LS series, Intermediate type RS2 series, High-ranking sporty type RS3 series. And the escalating type with nitrogen bottle, the RS3-Plus series.

When you use on the intense racing activities will not decrease the performance of the car. It's the best selection for the racing cars using on the track. To ensure that we offer a high-performance suspension kit, we tested not only on the general roads, highways but also on the FIA G2 International Circuit.

RS3 series' Feature

The RS3 series of the shock absorber is the escalating product for the racer or the user who needs personal setting on damping. The system achieves multi-adjust of the characteristic in low and high speed. The special design of spring is collocated with dampers to simultaneously promote the high- speed travel largely the stability and comfortableness.

The RS3 series feature is 2-way damping setting, the compression side is 24 levels adjustable, which enhances the controlling (supportive), especially the smoothness when you on the cornering. And the rebound side is 14 levels adjustable, this side adjusts the feedback from coil spring, especially when you driving through the pothole or the road surface which is not flat.

Twin-tube Dampers

Piston which moves inside a sealed, oil-filled cylinder with the up and down movement of the wheel. Adjustable damp performs soft, stiffness and pressure velocity. The damper will increase rigidity to restrain cars from rolling and to prevent sideways movement.

RS3 × Specification

1. Type: Twin-tube.
2. Structure: Aluminum/ Combine Material.
3. Vehicle height adjustable: Yes.
4. Damping Setting: 2-Way independent adjustable (Rebound & Compression)
--Rebound side: 24 level adjustable.
--Compression side: 14 level adjustable
5. Oil brand: Addinol.
6. Applicable Models: Please refer the vehicle model list (click), or contact us by email/ WhatsApp.

RS3 × Photosnap


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