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|RS3 series

Mazda MX-5
|RS3 series

MINI Cooper
|RS3 series

Mercedes Benz CLA 250
|RS2 series

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RS3 series|High-ranking Sporty Type

RS3 street series of the shock absorber is the high-ranking sporty type. Can 2-way individually adjust rebound and compression damping. (Rebound side: 24 clicks adjustable, Compression side: 14 clicks adjustable) It's for the user who needs personal adjust to demand.

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IASATI also developed RS3-Plus series (click), it's the escalating type with nitrogen bottle for the top user and racers. We tasted our product in general roads, highways, and even in FIA G2 international track.

RS2 series|Intermediate Type

RS2 series high-performance shock absorbers device, to best control performance and ride comfortable sense for a target. Except for height adjustable, with rebound side 24 clicks adjustable, to retained original comfortable sense, improve the driving experience.

RS2 series could make you get more controlling, performance and comfort than LS series when you driving the mountain road.

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LS series|Basis upgrade type

LS series is basis upgrade type of shock absorber for the entry-level user. In addition to vehicle height adjustable, LS damper setting is synchronization 24 clicks adjustable. (Rebound and compression side)

Through by IASATI LS series shock absorbers, the user will get confer comfort and control than original automotive type.

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