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Chanlinway Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

Chanlinway's GOAL

For over 30 years, we have been studying improvement for the automobile shock absorbers. Our founder, David, always thinking of...

“ How to improve the shock absorber’s comfort and durable without sacrifice driver’s control? ” 

With this ultimate goal, we establish the R&D team, to develop a series of the strong and high-performance Twin-tube shock absorbers (coilover suspension strut kits) are designed for each type of driving demand. From the general road, freeway, mountain, even racing track. And IASATI also provides high-performance automotive brake system kits. 

Chanlinway is a professional manufacturer of the shock absorber and brake kits. We started from the initial automobile workshop and devoted to developing high-performance shock absorbers for car modified. We provide you with the certificated manufacturer with TUV, all the process of manufacturing are under specification and regulation. 

What are the Differences from others?

1. Compared to the mass production, those products may not do the customization of requested, thus this is an obvious relative difference.

2. Corporate Sustainable Operation and Complete Products Warranty.

3. We can make a company project for a customer to reach business cooperation and other special requirements as per customers’ requests.

TÜV Rheinland Certified

Product Overview

Suspension Kits

Twin-tube Shock Absorbers / Coilover

▸ Basis upgrade type, LS series.
▸ Intermediate type, RS2 series.
▸ High-ranking Sporty type, RS3 series
▸ The Escalating type, with Nitrogen bottle, RS3-Plus series

Brake System Kits (BBK)

Include Calipers, Brake disc, Brake pad(lining) etc.

▸ Customized Selection (Color & Disc style).
▸ Supports New handbrake and Electronic parking system.


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