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Caliper, Brake Pads, Brake Disc.

IASATI new European-style forging brake caliper, floating design released the pressure produced when high-speed plate heat expands and slow down the side pull strength, driving limits to rapid promotion. Which made of high pressure forged aluminum alloy shell, in addition to having high stiffness, more reserved calipers have the advantages of high rigidity and thermal efficiency, and makes most of its ruggedness and durability.

IASATI configure high-performance rotors with customed style such as slotted, drilled, or vented wave style. And ceramic or carbon fiber brake pads are the choices of most racers. The benefit of the slots is that they allow hot gas, water, and other debris to move off of from the rotor. When the rotor spins, the heat escapes through the vents. Without the extra heat, decrease brake fade, which makes the car perform better on the track.

Supports New handbrake and Electronic parking system

(Both drum brake and disk brake have supported.)

Many cars install the modified brake calipers, but it is not easy to maintain the handbrake function. IASATI provides new components, able to retain the original handbrake function, fit on the bracket, and the installation becomes more convenient. Not only can enjoy the upgrade to a high-performance brake system, but also provide you with the comfort and safety driving experience.


▸ Level:Common & Racing.
▸ Disc type:Vented two pieces
▸ Rear rotor ring:Iron SS41
▸ Caliper Structure:Aluminum 6061 T6 body and aluminum pistons.
▸ Brake Rotor:Alloyed gray iron FC25.
▸ Rotor Cap:Aluminum 6061 T6.

IASATI Brake kits × Customized Service

▸ Caliper and Brake disc (rim size") dimensions:

-Front Medium 6 piston
with 286mm (15")/ 304mm (16") brake-disc.

-Front Big 6 piston
with 330mm (17")/ 345mm (18")/ 356mm (18")/ 380mm (19") brake-disc.

-Front Big 8 piston
with 405mm (20") brake-disc.

-Rear Medium 4 piston
with 330mm (17")/ 345mm (18")/ 356mm (18") brake-disc.

-Rear Big 6 piston
with 380mm (19") brake-disc.

▸ Caliper Colors:17 Painted colors and 15 Anodized colors. (Reference color card)
▸ Brake Disc style:Drilled, Slotted. (Additional fee:Wave style and Floating Disc)

The full set of IASATI Brake kits includes the following

▸ Racing brake calipers * 2 pcs
▸ 2-piece racing brake Rotors * 2 pcs (optional: floating rotors)
▸ Caliper mounting brackets * 2 pcs
▸ Brake pads (Linings) * 1 set ( 4 pcs )
▸ Brake lines & hoses * 2 pcs
▸ Component.

Caliper customized color service|Painted & Anodized

IASATI BBK × Photosnap


Note: From May 2018, the IASATI BBK will with the new logo.

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