Case #005-2:RS3 with MX-5 Player testing in the Penbay International Circuit! (with video)

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This time IASATI have an honor to cooperation with the @Atsky: Andy's Tuning SKY. We tested the Mazda MX-5's 1.5L manual type (White) which was installed the RS3 series shock absorbers. The testing place is Penbay international circuit.

Mazda MX-5 × RS3 series shock absorbers.

MX-5 has been installed the RS3 series around one year. The user said the durable is well and this time he is going to attend the TCR competition on Lih-Pao racing game on December 12th, he needs some adjustment for preparing the racing track need. Before the testing, we also went to the refit store for suspension testing. (The full suspension testing please take a look at Atsky's blog)

He said:「This time we go back to IASATI's office to adjust the coil spring, replace the rear part's coil spring from 6 kg to 4 kg, for balance the controlling and comfortable. After replacement, the driving controlling is better than before. We also do the suspension testing to see the vehicle's suspension status, include the strength and the shock absorbers response. 」(Click here to watch the suspension testing video, for the testing data, please refer Andy's blog page.)


IASATI × RS3 Shock Absorber|High-ranking Sporty Type
▸Damping adjustable/ Vehicle height adjustable: Yes.
▸2-Way Rebound & Compression adjustable
▪  Rebound side: 24 clicks adjustable.
▪  Compression side: 14 clicks adjustable

To be continued...

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Via: @IASATI.ShockAbsorbers@Atsky: Andy's Tuning SKY


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