Case #005-1:RS3 with MX-5 Player testing in Lihpao Race Track (with video)

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This is the first time for our MX-5 player driving in Lihpao racing park's track road. He said this track is very interesting, not only the gradient of up and down but its curve also very challenging. If you are the player who enjoys in driving through the mountain road, you gonna love it.

Mazda MX-5 × RS3 series shock absorbers.

The testing vehicle is Mazda MX-5 which installed the RS3 series shock absorbers. The damper setting is 2-way adjustable, the wide setting range makes the player could depend on himself's demand to find out the most suitable setting (driving controlling). Let's take a look at the video below.

To be continued...

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by Chanlinway IASATI.

(via: @iasati.coilover)


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