Case #002:RS3 with Aston Martin V8 Vantage S upgrade (with refit video)

As we know, Aston Martin has appeared in the movie 007. Today, we are going to refit its shock absorber from OE to IASATI RS3 series. In our past impression, we all think the sports car has already installed the most perfect shock absorber. But seems like the OE shock absorber cannot meet driver's need.

Our client said that the OE shock absorber cannot adjust the damper, rebound, and compression etc. Therefore, he wants to find a new one which can adjust by individual needs. Then he finds out IASATI coilover (suspension kit). IASATI shock absorbers are the twin-tube structure which could height adjustable and damping setting adjustable, the user adjusts their own controlling sense.

Aston Martin V8 × IASATI RS3


This is why more and more car enthusiasts looking for the suitable suspension kit to improve their car's controlling and performance. Nowadays, the car modified field is becoming more maturity than before. In some countries, car modification is very commonplace. From general vehicles, coupes to RVs etc. To improve driving comfortable, controlling and cope with changeable road conditions.

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by Chanlinway IASATI.


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