Case #001:RS3 with Ford Focus MK3 upgrade (with road test video)

Coilovers suspension strut kits - Twin-tube, adjustable damper & high-low shock absorber

Hello There,

Today we are going to start to share the product case of our client upgrade case.

The first case is the Focus MK3, Well.. we all know that FOCUS got some dispute and defect news. Focus mk3 is the naturally aspirated engine. Even with the high-speed record which only takes 7.3s to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph. But when you drive through the mountain road, the shock absorbers’ setting and driving skill are not easy at all.

Therefore, our client wants to upgrade its shock absorbers to IASATI RS3 series shock absorbers. The 2-way damping setting adjustable (Rebound & Compression), and customized the heavier coil spring to improve the performance. Let's take a look at the video.

Ford Focus MK3 × IASATI RS3

Seems like deep in Focus' WRC gene is ready to take the move. (HA!) Whatever in the freeway, high-speed road or in the rugged mountain road, we believe that will have an amazing experience. This video's filming is the half year after our client installs RS3 series. With our mountain road test inviting, our client and we are going to challenge the hellish mountain road in Ping-xi.

Best regards,
by Chanlinway IASATI.


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