News ⋄ Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Good Day,

Today is Taiwan's Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Double Fifth Festival, is an important festival in our history. Nowadays, we'll prepare rice dumplings and watch the Dragon boat race. We also will play a game, which called "Standing the egg on its end." The person who stands the egg on its end at noon (12:00) on Dragon Boat Festival will be lucky in the following year. Therefore everyone was trying their best in the game.

In Taiwan, there are many different kinds of rice dumpling, it'll differ from the area to area. The stuffing is made up of Glutinous Rice, Black Mushrooms, Peanuts, Pork and Egg Yolks etc. When you are traveling in Taiwan, highly recommend that you can buy one to try. It's really delicious, I love the Hakka(客家) and Alkaline Tamales... it's really Yummy! By the way, we also eat it at the usual time, so don't worry you cannot buy it.

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